Coût de création de jeux de société

Combien coûte la création d’un jeu de société ?

Créer un jeu de société que vous pouvez vendre et produire en série prendra non seulement beaucoup de temps à créer, mais cela peut coûter entre 4 000 et 20 000 dollars. To explain where that money goes, we will go over each step that goes into creating a new board game and show where the money goes.

The Planning Stage

Whether the objective is to go around the board repeatedly like in Monopoly or the objective is to reach a final destination like Candy Land, there has to be a planned surface the game will be played on. Most people will plan this out on paper or cards so there is a way to determine the winner of the game and where players are supposed to go.

Hiring a Designer and Illustrator

Once you find somebody that can make a real playing surface by manufacturing the board, you will need an artist to design the board. The designer would plan everything out., The illustrator would not only be responsible for making the board look appealing but the artist would also design the box. If the game used cards somehow, the artist would also be in charge of designing the cards. If the game is going to be sold, it would also need to include instructions so people could read how to play the game.

Hiring An Artist That Specializes in 3D

If any models will be on the game board then this is the responsibility of a 3D artist. An example of a 3D Model is the Spinner in Life. Any models in the middle of the board would be designed by a 3D artist because we aren’t talking about illustrations that an illustrator could handle, These are actual models that would be needed throughout the game.

Creating Game Pieces

If the game has figures like Monopoly or Candy Land that move around the board, you will need someone that can custom miniature and game pieces. These pieces will be much smaller than the models that stay on the board during the entire game. If your board game will not have pieces moving around the board, then you could skip this step.

Creating Prototypes

This is a step that very rarely happens one time. Many people who create prototypes will have to create multiple prototypes as issues arise. So you will create a few different variations of boards until you find one that doesn’t present any issues.


Once you have a clear board plan, whether on paper, cards, or a mock board on a surface like cardboard, you have to contact board game manufacturers. When you get quotes, it’s always best to get a few quotes from a few different manufacturers instead of accepting the first offer you find.

Hiring A Photographer

Once the game board and pieces are created, to help get the word out, you will want professional photographs that display your game and game pieces in the best possible light. Social Media is a great promotion tool but if low-quality photographs are uploaded to these websites, it’s not going to create the opinion you want of your board game.

Creating A Website To Promote And Sell Your Game

While you could start out selling your board game on websites like Amazon and eBay, you will want to create a website where people can find out about your game and purchase it if they are interested enough in playing the game. You could do this if you are familiar with web design but if you are not experienced in this field, you will want someone to create a website where people can order your board game if it sounds interesting to them.

Create A Crowdfunding Campaign To Fund Your Game

We already established that the cost of creating a board game could cost between 4,000 to 20,000 dollars. Most people don’t have that money to put up front. Some people will not qualify for loans if they try to get a loan from a bank. If you don’t have the money, you will have to create a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Some websites require a prototype before you can start a campaign. However, people who like the idea of your game could donate money to help with the costs of creating your board game.

Have People Test Out Your Game

Once your game is ready to be played, the only way to find all the issues is to play the game. You could do this yourself with friends and family or you could hire people to play your game and report any issues they come across. You want to deal with any issues before this game is released to the public ready to be purchased.

Getting Your Game Distributed

Once you have fixed all the issues with your game, you have to work with distributors to get your board game into different stores. If you go to different stores yourself, you’re not going to have much luck getting your game into stores especially if this is your first game.


These are the steps involved in creating a board game from the beginning to getting your game released in stores. When it comes to money, you will need thousands of dollars to fund your game. It could also take months or years of work before you finish creating the game.