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What We Can Customize For Your Board Game?

board game themes
1. Game Themes

A good theme is a key to creating a great board game.

Board Game Mechanics
2. Game Mechanics

Mechanics guide players down various paths toward victory.

Board Game Rules
3. Game Rules

Rules ensure a game is played fairly for everyone.

4. Custom Board Game Components

Game Boards
Game Boards ->

Custom size, material, thickness, folding options, printing options, surface finish.

Game Cards
Game Cards ->

Custom size, material, shape, printing options, surface finish.

Game Boxes
Game Boxes ->

Custom type, material, thickness, printing options.

Game Token
Game Token ->

custom thickness, material, printing option.

Dice ->

Custom size, material, type, color, logo print.

Game Miniatures ->

Fine-tune, finalize 3D printing digital model.

How We Manufacture Your Board Games?

board game design
1. Design Verification

Once we received your board game ideas or files, we will discuss providing you with the most cost-effective solution.

Board Game Prototype
2. Make A Prototype

We will make a prototype of your game and send it to you for sample checking.

Board Game Mass Production
3. Mass Production

If your board game sample had been approved, we will arrange the mass production.

What Kind of Board Games We Can Customize?

Monopoly Board Game
Monopoly Board Game

It is created to warn people of the dangers of capitalism and the antisocial nature of monopoly.


We can help you to fully customize this classic game to a completely new variation: board, cards, tokens, pawns, cash, dice, and more!

Clue Board Game
Clue/Cluedo Board Game

It's a classic murder mystery game for birthdays, bachelorette, bachelor parties and family weekends.


We can help you customize it from the scenario of the crime, the relationships between the characters, roadmaps, and more.

Catan Board Game
Catan Board Game

Catan is a great classic board game about harvesting, trade and construction.


To enhance your board gaming experience, we can fully customize the game board, land type, terrain tile shape, dice, tokens, cards, rules and more.

Carrom Board Game
Carrom Board Game

Carrom board game, also called Indian Billiard has become more and more popular in US, UK and the Commonwealth.


We can customize your Carrom game's board size & material, artwork, coins, sticker, tray, game rules, and more.

Ludo Board Game
Ludo Board Game

A simple board game that is perfectly suitable for young and seniors. It can develop kids' intelligence and improve independent thinking skills.


We can provide custom services, such as customizing the board, dice, pawns, and storage bag.

Sequence Board Game
Sequence Board Game

The sequence is a classic strategy board game for the family. The player must follow the specific game rules in a logical sequence.


If you want to customize your own Sequence game, we can customize the board, cards, pawns, and the rules for you.

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