Design & Print Miniatures

You can send us your character concept art of miniatures, or we customize it for you.

Support file format: STL,OBJ or STP format.

Tune and finalize the 3D digital model.

Printing a 3D prototype for sample approval.

Then we will arrange the mass production.

    Custom Miniatures for Games

    Custom miniatures can add your personal touch to games and make them more immersive and engaging for players.

    Custom DnD Miniatures
    Dungeons & Dragons

    Apart from printing, we can help you plan your d&d miniature designs, such as materials, size, color scheme and texture.

    Custom Warhammer 40k Miniatures
    Warhammer 40k

    It could be inspired by your favorite characters and armies from this game, or you could make up your own concept.

    Custom Star Wars Miniatures
    Star Wars

    We can help you customize Star Wars miniatures' hairstyles, skin colors, and more. Lead your troops to victory now!

    Personalized Miniature Production Process

    1. If you have 3D artwork, we will make a 3D sample in a week and ship it to you for your confirmation. Then we will open the molds (in a month) and make a pre-production sample(PPS) in 3~5 days for your confirmation. Finally, we will arrange the mass production and color them.

    2. If you can only provide photos, we provide 2 options for you:

    • 1. We will draw STL files which is expensive and fine;
    • 2. Prototype which is cheap and less fine.

    Then we will make a 3D sample, open molds, make a pre-production sample, mass production, and coloring.

    3. For incoming samples, we will copy them by making a PU sample, open molds, making pre-production samples, mass production, and coloring.

    How Much Do Custom Miniatures Cost?

    The cost of custom plastic miniatures consists of two parts: the mold charge and the product cost.

    1. Mold Charge

    The cost of the molding depends on the complexity of your miniature. So, we need to confirm the price according to your artwork. If necessary, we need to fine-tune your artwork.

    • To customize a more complex miniature, we need to split your artwork to reflect its details; Then, make a separate mold for each part; Finally, assemble them together with glue.
    • Miniature with a simple structure, there is no need to split your artwork.

    2. Product Cost

    The price of the product depends on the miniature ejection method: single-cavity or multi-cavity.

    So, the exact quote is based on your artwork, the file format requirements are STL, OBJ, and STP.

    3. Design Artwork Fee

    We can help customers to draw artwork and charge the corresponding fee according to the difficulty level.

    Our Materials Options for 3D Miniature Samples

    Different from metal miniatures, we can provide 3D samples for plastic miniatures. There are two kinds of materials to choose from for making 3D samples.

    1. Red Wax

    With higher precision, it can reflect the details and perfectly restore the artwork. It's more expensive and usually has been used on complex miniatures.

    2. White Wax

    It has lower precision and is usually used on miniatures with simple designs.

    3. PU

    Generally, in order to better present the details of the design manuscript, we provide red wax samples, but red wax is a very fragile material and is easily damaged during transportation, so we also copy a PU sample for you to confirm.

    4. PVC

    For the final mass production, we will use PVC material.

    Comparatively speaking, PU samples are stronger and less easily damaged during transportation; but they are still relatively brittle compared to PVC materials.

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