Custom & Manufacture Game Pieces

Please send us your ideas or reference files of game pieces.

If necessary, we will design it and send you a draft for confirm.

If it is OK, we will produce a sample for your checking. And if not, we will redesign it till you are satisfied.

Then we will arrange the mass production.

    Materials for Game Pieces

    Wooden Game Pieces
    Wooden Game Pieces

    They are typically made from wood and are designed to be durable, tactile, and visually appealing. Some common examples of wooden game pieces include pawns, dice, cubes, discs, and meeples.

    Plastic Game Pieces
    Plastic Game Pieces

    Plastic game pieces are often preferred over other materials like metal or wood because they are affordable, lightweight, durable, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

    Metal Game Pieces
    Metal Game Pieces

    Metal game pieces can be made of zinc, pewter, copper, or aluminum through casting, stamping, or etching processes. They're preferred for their weight, durability, and premium look and feel.

    Wooden Game Pieces Manufacturing Processes

    wooden raw material
    Raw Material
    wooden distribution
    wooden cutting
    wooden game pieces polishing
    wooden game pieces assembly
    wooden game pieces printing
    wooden game pieces shrink wrap
    Shrink Wrap
    wooden game pieces packaging

    Plastic Game Pieces Manufacturing Processes

    make layout
    Make Layout
    create model
    Create Model

    Metal Game Pieces Manufacturing Processes

    Metal Pieces Manufacturing
    • Almost board games have metal pieces, made of zinc alloy, and electroplated surfaces.
    • The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 pieces, and the price depends on the complexity of your metal pieces.
    • Can't do 3D samples, produce them directly by opening the mold.
    • Existing samples are free.

    Customize Classic Board Game Pieces

    Custom Monopoly Pieces
    Monopoly Pieces

    By customizing your Monopoly pieces, we can help you can create a wider range of options and themes for this classic board game. And make your unique game pieces stand out from the standard Monopoly dog, cat, horse, cannon and hat pieces.

    Custom Catan Pieces
    Settlers of Catan Pieces

    In order to enhance the aesthetics and playability, we can help you customize your Catan game pieces, such as redesigning the traditional Catan pieces (harbors, robbers, ports, roads, settlements, and cities), or adding new game pieces that represent resources.

    Custom Risk Pieces
    Risk Pieces

    Customizing Risk board game pieces with unique designs can add personalization and differentiation to your game. Apart from infantry, cavalry and artillery, we can help you customize new troop pieces to add a new layer of strategy to the game.

    Our Game Pieces Projects

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