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    What Type of Card Games We Can Customize?

    Fill In The Blanks Card Game

    Fill In The Blanks Card Game

    The most well-known Fill In The Blanks Card Game is Cards Against Humanity, which is copyrighted. We can provide customization services based on the original version, including design drafts and game rules. So you can use your imagination to create the most interesting stories.

    Pokémon Trading Card Game

    Collectible Card Game

    Collectible card games (CCGs) are also called trading card games (TCGs). We can help you customize CCGs similar to "Magic: The Gathering" and "Pokémon Trading Card Game", from concept, backstory, rules, and strategies.

    Matching Card Game

    Matching Card Game

    Matching card games such as "Go Fish" and "Old Maid" can exercise people's memory skills very well. We can provide cardstock material selection, design, printing, and rule making for game cards.

    Shedding Card Game

    Shedding Card Game

    Sometimes it was called "stops games", in which the aim is to discard all your game cards ASAP. We can help you with designing, printing, instructions and scoring rules.

    Drinking Card Game

    Drinking card Game

    We can help you customize easy game rules and quick gameplay, it will be a fun icebreaker in a large group of people. Drink, play, and the laughter will happen!

    Fictional Card Games

    Fictional Card Games

    Whether it's the oddly-shaped character cards in fictional novels, dice, game boards or counters, we can provide you with the most professional and cost-effective custom solutions.

    What We Can Customize for Your Card Game?

    Game Card Rules

    Card Game Rules

    For those who have no idea how to make card game rules, we can provide customized service.

    Game Card Size

    Common Card Size

    • Blackjack / Poker: 63*88mm
    • Bridge: 57*87mm
    • Tarot: 70*120mm or 88*126mm
    • Custom size
    Game Card Shape

    Card Shape

    Square / Round / Rectangle / Oval / Heart / Star/ Triangle or custom special shape

    Cardstock Material & Grade

    Cardstock Material
    • 250 /300 /350 gsm C2S
    • 280 /300 gsm grey core playing cards
    • 310 gsm German-made black core playing cards
    • 300 gsm China-made black core playing cards
    • 250 /300 gsm blue core playing cards
    • 0.3-0.35mm thick white/ black smooth PVC

    • Card stock weight is measured in GSM (grams per square meter), the higher GSM the thicker and heavier the card will be.
    • The card core goes from white to grey and blue, and finally to black, and the quality and durability of the card increase.

    Card Printing

    • 4C/4C (4 color 2 sides printing)
    • 4C/0C (4 color 1 side printing)

    • 4C means CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)
    • CMYK is best for printed materials because print mediums use colored inks for messaging.
    • Combining these 4 colors to make a wide range of colors.
    CMYK Printing

    Surface Finish

    This process will enhance your artworks' appearance and wear resistance.

    Matte Varnish
    Matte Varnish

    Provides a softer, more natural look that reduces or prevents glare against bright lights.

    Gloss Varnish
    Gloss Varnish

    Creates a smooth surface, while the increasing color will interfere with your reading.

    Laser Color Foil Stamp
    Laser Color Foil Stamp

    Offer excellent graphics in multiple colors to your customized cards.

    Laser Gold Sliver Foil Stamp
    Laser Gold Silver Foil Stamp

    Offer excellent graphics in gold silver colors to your customized cards.

    Matte Lamination
    Matte Lamination

    Provides a softer, more natural look that reduces or prevents glare against bright lights.

    Gloss Lamination
    Gloss Lamination

    Apply a thin plastic layer to the card to offer a shinier appearance.

    Linen Finish
    Linen Finish

    Make your card features a unique cloth looking and feeling texture.

    Spot UV Coating
    Spot UV Coating

    It's a deluxe printing technique, it makes your card high-shine and glossy and offers the best contrast.

    How We Manufacture Your Card Games?

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    1. Design Verification

    Once we received your custom card game ideas or files, we will discuss providing you with the most cost-effective solution.

    Card Game Prototype
    2. Make A Prototype

    After confirming printing size, shape, and paper options, we will make a card game prototype for sample checking.

    Card Game Production
    3. Mass Production

    If the card game sample had been approved, we will arrange the mass production.

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