Custom & Print Your Playing Cards

If you already have design files of your own playing cards, we can bulk print them at the best factory price.

If not, we can also customize playing cards according to your requirements, such as card size, color, material, text, photos, and print options.

Then, we will produce the sample for your checking.

Finally, we will arrange the mass production and shipping.

    Size of Playing Cards

    Apart from printing playing cards with standard sizes, we can also provide custom services according to your requirements, such as photos, text, suites, print option, texture, and surface treatment.

    Mini Playing Cards
    Mini Size

    These mini-size playing cards are portable, with a width between 3.2-3.7cm, and a length between 6-8.7cm.

    Bridge Size Playing Cards
    Bridge Size

    This is the most common playing card size (5.7*8.8cm), which ensured the comfort of players holding 13 cards

    Poker Playing Cards
    Poker Size

    As the standard size playing cards (6.3*8.8cm), it is suitable for international poker competitions.

    Jumbo Size Playing Cards
    Jumbo Size

    Playing cards of this jumbo size are often customized for occasions such as special performances and displays.

    File Requirements

    If you want, we can provide die cut line to you to make the artwork.

    Support File Format
    • PDF, PSD, AI
    Required Resolution
    • ≥300 PPI
    Color Format
    • CMYK 4 color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
    • Black need pure black(C:0%,M:0%,Y:0%,K:100%)
    • 4C/4C (4 color 2 sides printing)
    • 4C/0C (4 color 1 side printing)
    Bleeding of The Margin
    • 3~5 mm

    Playing Card Paper Weight & Core



    • Playing cards' stock weight is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The higher GSM the thicker, heavier, and higher quality the playing card will be.
    • 250/300/310/330/350 gsm is usually used for paper playing cards.
    240-270 gsm Lightweight playing cards
    270-310 gsm Medium-weight playing cards
    310-330 gsm Premium quality playing cards
    >330 gsm Very heavy card stock

    Card Core

    • The card core goes from grey to blue & white, and finally to black, the quality, stiffness, and durability of the card increase.
    • Grey core is the cheapest, black is the most expensive which is commonly used for making casino playing cards.
    • Usually, we recommend you choose blue and black core which can ensure the quality and durability of playing cards.
    • The white core and blue core are basically the same in terms of quality and price.
    game cards material

    Playing Cards' Materials

    From affordable paper, plastic to luxury metal and gold plated.

    Paper Playing Cards
    Paper Playing Cards

    Paper is the most affordable material for making playing cards, the cards' quality is depended on the GSM and cardstock.

    Plastic Playing Cards
    Plastic Playing Cards

    PVC is the common plastic for playing cards. It can make cards more durable than paper cards, they‘ll have 50 times longer than paper deck cards.

    Metal Playing Cards
    Metal Playing Cards

    Stainless steel and copper are 2 common materials for making metal playing cards. You can't shuffle them traditionally cause of weight and ridge.

    Gold Plated Playing Cards
    Gold Plated Playing Cards

    Unlike a normal deck of paper cards, gold-plated playing cards look more gorgeous and luxurious. It's a great addition to collections and gifts.

    Custom Themed Playing Cards

    We can provide custom services based on many different themes, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Pokemon, Naruto, Mandalorian, Lord of The Rings, Minecraft, Batman, and more.

    Harry Potter Playing Cards
    Harry Potter Playing Cards

    Custom Harry Potter playing cards are a great way to add a magical touch to your card games. We can help you to create your own by designing unique artwork, gathering images of Harry Potter characters and text, choosing cardstock and printing.

    Star Wars Playing Cards
    Star Wars Playing Cards

    Custom Star Wars playing cards can be a great addition to any collection or as a gift for a Star Wars fan. We are here to provide custom services, such as creative designs, deciding on the card size and stock, printing, cutting and surface treatment.

    Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards
    Alice in Wonderland Cards

    Customize a deck of playing cards that feature characters and themes from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Each card features a unique illustration or character, such as Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit.

    Pokemon Playing Cards
    Pokemon Playing Cards

    Custom Pokemon playing cards are a fun and unique way to showcase your love for the Pokemon franchise. We can help to create your own, such as choosing the suitable Pokemon characters, card size & shape, artwork design, printing and laminate services.

    Custom Playing Cards with Photos

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