Custom & Print Your Play Money

Request a quote and provide details about your play money, such as size, material, quantity, print requirements and design files.

If you don't have design files, we can help you create them and send you a draft for confirmation till you are satisfied.

Then we will produce a sample for your checking (if necessary).

Finally, we will arrange the mass production.

    Play Money Materials

    Wood-free Paper

    Available Material:

    • 80 gsm wood-free paper
    • 100 gsm wood-free paper

    Wood-free paper is typically made from a combination of cotton, linen, and other natural fibers, and it has a smoother, more refined texture than traditional paper made from wood pulp.

    The wood-free paper is the most common option for making play money, as it is more durable and gives a more authentic feel than traditional paper.

    Play Money Sizes

    Custom play money can come in a variety of sizes, when determining the sizes, you should consider the following factors:

    1. Intended use: If it's for a board game, you should consider the size of the game board or play area.
    2. The age range of users: If it's for the younger or elderly, you can make it larger so that it's easier for them to handle.
    3. Design: If the design includes small details or intricate designs, you need to make the play money larger.
    4. Printing capabilities: If the printer can only print up to a certain size, you'll need to design the play money within limitations.

    Our standard size for game money is 100*52mm, for more custom sizes, please contact us for a free consultation.

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