Our Recent Projects

We have successfully completed many custom board & card games' designing, manufacturing and printing. Please check some of our recent projects, hope they can give you a little inspiration.

Puzzle Game

A Puzzle Game for Kids' Education and Brain Teaser

We created this game for children to learn to observe, identify patterns, make connections between every element, and improve their memory.

Leksandspelet Board Game
Sports Board Game


A board game for fans of Leksands IF (a Swedish ice hockey team)

Players get the chance to win the series while remembering the classic players of the time and comparing them to today's stars.

This is done by playing matches, managing the club's finances, recruiting classic games, attending board meetings and answering questions.

Roll the dice, play and remember!

Game of Homes

A board game for home mortgage training

Fannie Mae wants to develop a board game capable of educating their internal teams about all the ins and outs of mortgaging a home.

It is a Monopoly inspired mortgage board game project.

monopoly mortgage board game
Monopoly Game
Monopoly Game


Fast dealing property trading game

This game was a promotional product made for Holland American Cruise Lines in 2018.

The game is played very much like a monopoly game - such as purchasing properties, collecting rents, and scheming your way to riches.

The War Of Spirit Stone

A Parent–Child Board Game

Its accessories and plot are relatively complete and complex, and the entire story background has a new worldview system.

Therefore, this game has a certain threshold for children under the age of 6.



Penguin Brawl
Card Game

Penguin Brawl: Battle Of The Gods

30 Card Extension Printing

Was designed by Team Custard Kraken

The first micro-expansion for Penguin Brawl adds 30 new cards to the game which comprise six new character cards.