Historical Board Games

10 Best Historical Board Games (Classic, Funny and Educational)

If you are a board game enthusiast who wants to know the best historical games, then you have come to the right place. This article will detail the 10 best historical board games for you to try.

1. Castles of Burgundy

Players of Castles of Burgundy grow their estates through commerce and trade strategies in 15th century Loire Valley. Each player will obtain one estate card, one storage card, and one project card which is placed in front of each player of the game. The game consists of five rounds with six different turns The Castles of Burgundy board game begins by going clockwise around the group with the starter player beginning the game. Players earn victory points throughout the game which ends after each player has completed the fifth round.

2. Axis & Allies 1940 Second Edition

Axis & Allies can be played by two or six players. The Axis wins the game when declaring victory over 6 cities in the Pacific region map or declaring victory by taking control of 8 cities in the European region map and completing the round of play. The winner of the game must also control one of the Axis capital cities of Berlin, Rome, or Tokyo. The Allies can win the game by controlling all three cities of Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo to complete the round of play.

3. Civilization VI

Civilization VI allows you to create your game according to your liking. In the create section, you can customize options that are appealing to you. You can also choose a rule set with expanded options or leave the game as it is. Choose your civilization according to its unit building and abilities. Choose the game’s difficulty level which determines the number of bonuses the player will receive during the game. The goal of the game is for each player to lead a beginning settlement to become a world power.

4. Friedrich

Friedrick is a board game that is meant to take you back to the time of the history of the Seven Year Wars. There are several ways to play this board game according to how you want to play. The goal of each player is to move your army and generals to dominate the European region.

World War I Board Games

5. History of the World

The game is played over 7 rounds or epochs and begins from 3000 B.C. Sumerians to pew World War I Germany. Each player is in charge of controlling a new rising empire in history. Some empires are stronger than other empires like the Roman empire. However, the game has mechanisms that allow you to balance the power of these empires. The History of the World is one of the most expensive board games with pricing as high as 175 dollars.

6. Civil War

The Civil War game is a game of 2 players and is centered around the American Civil War. The Civil War game covers the entire years of the war from 1861 to 1865 and is played on a large map that shows the southeastern area of America.

7. Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan

Sekigahara is a board game centered around the conquering of Japan. In order to conquer and win, you must make sure that your army is loyal to your goal. Conquering Japan means that your allies will follow you in combat. And conquering Japan means getting any traitors to your opponent to come into your army to help you win. There are many interesting mechanisms in this game that will help you win or cause you to lose control over Japan.

8. 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis

13 Minutes The Cuban Missile Crisis, is a game where 2 players representing Kennedy and Khrushchev are positioning cards in one of three rows which allow one of them to exit the Cuba Crisis War as the world’s superpower. There are 13 cards used in this game instead of the usual 26 cards used in most games.

9. Medieval History Memory

The Medieval History Memory involves quick hands and a great memory in order to succeed in this game. The game has matching tiles which are mixed up at the beginning of the game. A player must put each tile in the correct category. If a player does not place the tile in the correct category, he/she loses 10 seconds on the timer. The player who places all of the tiles in the correct category with the fastest time wins the game.

10. The Republic of Rome

The Republic of Rome involves a player protecting the province of Rome from the cities Veil and Volsci. Rome is located in the Eternal City and Osla at the mouth of the Tiber River. The game is a history lesson that spans 250 years of politics from the Roman senate during the republic.

In Summary

These are the 10 best historical board games for your family to try. Imagine the fun and education that your family will experience during play. The board games will allow you to see history from a different point of view. Bring these games into your game night and give your children an opportunity of winning each game.

These board games are classics and have been around for many years. Each of these board games will give you the opportunity to experience a different period of history in the world. These are events that changed the world order in America and around the world.