American style vs European Board Games

American Style vs European Board Games

Board games are incredibly fun and they also come with a large variety of styles, features, and benefits. However, you may be a little confused at first, especially when you learn there are European board games and American style boardgames. This article will make you wonder, is there a difference between the Eurogames and Ameritrash games? Let’s find out.

European Board Games


European board games also called Eurogames which have become very popular during the 90s, especially with Settlers of Catan. They are designed to be fun, but also strategic and challenging as well. Most of these use tight mechanics and a system that’s self-contained. The idea is that they are very easy to learn for players. This is why they remove dice rolls at times and any dice luck elements aren’t that important for the games themselves.

Another important thing to note about European board games is that they are highly focused on things like economics. You need to ensure that you earn a good income or you have an empire that’s efficient. With that in mind, interaction is quite limited, with interactions being of major importance when you trade or acquire items from others. As we said, efficiency is important here, so action isn’t exactly the main way to win.

You will also notice that many Eurogames have all kinds of abstract components, they don’t focus on the use of miniatures. Generally, when you play Euro-style board games, you want to have rules that are simple, and cohesive. Themes are there just to add more context, but they aren’t very important. Instead, strategy is at the centerfold, and you can have some variations depending on the game.

American Style Board Games

Ameritrash Games

Unlike Eurogames, the American style boardgames are all about creating a theme and immersing the players in that world. Zombies and space are very common themes. On top of that, these games have rules, and these allow you many different options. But there’s less focus on strategy, although it does vary from one game to the other.

The American style boardgames will have fierce combat, which can involve luck elements and customized dice. It’s also possible to have tactical scenarios and even unique powers depending on the games. With that being said, an Ameritrash game also has a rulebook and the cards themselves have details about the characters and actions.

Some American style boardgames have custom miniatures. In general, these games are very colorful, and integrating miniatures can actively make the experience even more interesting. The stories are told as you play, however they can be repeated depending on the game. These games also tend to have optional rules and variety is prized here.


Both American style boardgames and European board games are great, it all comes down to what you are interested in. Eurogames are more about strategy, whereas Ameritrash games are very atmospheric and more about the theme. In the end, they are all fun, it’s all about finding the one that you enjoy the most.