Custom Catan Board Game

Customizing a new version of Catan could provide a more balanced experience and potentially expand the game's appeal.

Incorporate new settings

Balance the luck element

Adjust game length

Improve accessibility

Enhance player interaction

    What We Can Customize For Your Catan Game?

    Custom Catan Theme
    1. Themes

    You could go for historical periods (Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe), sci-fi themes (space exploration, futuristic cities), or even something more personal.

    Custom Catan Rules
    2. Rules

    Introduce new rules or game mechanics, such as new ways to trade, different objectives for winning, or special powers that players can use.

    Custom Catan Board
    3. Boards

    This mainly involve changing the hex tiles. For instance, in a space-theme, tiles could be planets or star systems with unobtanium, solar power resources.

    Custom Catan Pieces
    4. Pieces

    Create custom 3D pieces for settlements and cities. For instance, in a futuristic theme, settlements could be space stations and cities could be planetary colonies.

    Custom Catan Resources
    5. Resources

    Tailor the resources to fit your theme. Instead of the original Catan's standard wood, brick, wool, grain, and ore, you could have themed resources.

    Custom Catan Cards
    6. Cards

    Redesign the development and resource cards, including the artwork and text. You could also add new cards to introduce unique opportunities.

    Reasons to Customize a New Version

    While the original Catan game has a strong fan base and has won numerous awards, it's not without its disadvantages or areas that could be improved or customized for different player preferences.

    Adjust Catan Game Length
    1. Adjust Game Length

    Some players find Catan to be too long. Custom rules or mechanics could shorten the game play time, making it more accessible for players with preferences for quicker gameplay.

    Improve Catan Game Accessibility
    2. Improve Accessibility

    Simplified Catan rules can make the game more accessible, appealing to a wider audience by reducing the learning curve for new players whom seeking a straightforward gaming experience.

    Balance Catan Game Luck Factor
    3. Balance the Luck Factor

    In Catan, dice rolls affect resource production, it may lead to frustration with bad luck. By Customizing mechanics to balance luck can make the game more appealing to strategy players.

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