Custom Clue Game: Who, Where & How

Make the classic detective game more complex and playable.

A more complex murder mystery story

Multiple murders

More character cards

More weapon cards

More locations

More attractive character pieces

Additional personalized elements

    What We Can Customize For Your Clue Game?

    Custom Clue Game Story
    1. Murder Mystery Story

    Customize a detailed narrative around the murder mystery, giving players more context and motivation. This could include a prologue, character motives, and even scripted reveals.

    Custom Clue Board
    2. Board

    Tailored Clue boards to make your game uniquely yours. We can help you customize your board with personalized options including different layouts, shapes, more rooms, sizes, materials, etc.

    Custom Clue Pieces
    3. Game Pieces

    This could involve painting existing plastic game pieces or adapting new materials to craft new ones with 3D printing. Incorporating personal touches will make the game more engaging.

    Custom Clue Character Cards
    4. Character Cards

    Replace the standard Clue character cards with personalized ones. They can be designed with new text and images. You can also create backstories for these characters to add the game depth.

    Custom Clue Weapon Card
    5. Weapon Cards

    Beyond the original candlestick, knife, and revolver cards, think of creating unique weapons cards that could been used in the crime. This could range from a magic wand to a custom-made gadget.

    Custom Clue Boxes
    6. Packaging Box

    Create a custom box for your Clue game can transform it from a standard edition into a unique one. The packaging box can include character portraits and a preview of the board design.

    Benefits of Customizing a New Version

    Customizing Clue can make the game more accessible and engaging, enhance the gaming experience through deeper immersion, and unlock new economic opportunities for creators and distributors.

    Clue Game Players
    Adapt to More Players

    By introducing extra characters, weapons, and rooms, the game can be expanded to allow more people to play simultaneously. This not only makes the game more inclusive but also adds complexity and variety to the gameplay.

    Enhance Clue Game Immersion
    Enhanced Immersion

    By tailoring the game's theme, settings, and characters to match the preferences of the players, the game becomes more immersive. This can encourage players to fully engage with the story and mechanics, and also promote their storytelling.

    Custom Clue Economic Potential
    Economic Potential

    Custom versions of Clue game can attract collectors and enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for unique or exclusive content. Additionally, it can be marketed for special events, opening up new market segments beyond original Clue.

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