Custom & Manufacture Your Game Cards

Send us your ideas or reference files of your cards.

If necessary, we will design it and send you a draft for confirmation.

If it is OK, we will produce a sample for your checking. And if not, we will redesign it till you are satisfied.

Then we will arrange the mass production.

    What We Can Customize for Your Card?

    Game Card Rules
    1. Card Size
    • We provide 4 standard common sizes for your cards, 63*88mm for Blackjack / Poker cards, 57*87mm for bridge cards, 70*120mm or 88*126mm for Tarot cards.
    • You can also contact us for customizing your own card size.
    Game Card Shape
    2. Card Shape
    • Square/Round/Rectangle/Oval/Heart/Star/Triangle
    • You can also contact us for customizing your own card shape.
    Cardstock Material
    3. Card Material
    • 250 / 300 / 350 gsm glossy paper C2S
    • 280 / 300 gsm grey core playing cards
    • 310 gsm German-made black core playing cards
    • 300 gsm China-made black core playing cards
    • 250 /300 gsm blue core playing cards
    • 0.3-0.35mm thick white/black smooth PVC
    4. Surface Finish
    Matte Varnish
    Matt Varnish

    Provides a softer, more natural look that reduces or prevents glare against bright lights.

    Gloss Varnish
    Gloss Varnish

    Creates a smooth surface, while the increasing color will interfere with your reading.

    Laser Color Foil Stamp
    Laser Color Foil Stamp

    Offer excellent graphics in multiple colors to your customized cards.

    Laser Gold Sliver Foil Stamp
    Laser Gold Silver Foil Stamp

    Offer excellent graphics in gold silver colors to your customized cards.

    Matte Lamination
    Matte Lamination

    Provides a softer, more natural look that reduces or prevents glare against bright lights.

    Gloss Lamination
    Gloss Lamination

    Apply a thin plastic layer to the card to offer a shinier appearance.

    Linen Finish
    Linen Finish

    Make your card features a unique cloth looking and feeling texture.

    Spot UV Coating
    Spot UV Coating

    It's a deluxe printing technique, it makes your card high-shine and glossy and offers the best contrast.

    File Requirements

    If you want, we can provide die cut line to you to make the artwork.

    Support File Format
    • PDF, PSD, AI
    Required Resolution
    • ≥300 PPI
    Color Format
    • CMYK 4 color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
    • Black need pure black(C:0%,M:0%,Y:0%,K:100%)
    • 4C/4C (4 color 2 sides printing)
    • 4C/0C (4 color 1 side printing)
    Bleeding of The Margin
    • 3~5 mm

    Tips on Designing Game Cards

    Some general card graphic design tips that should be helpful.


    You should choose 3 to 4 colors for your color scheme. Make sure that the colors don't clash between text, borders, backgrounds, and images, but have enough contrast so that the player can clearly distinguish between them. For eye-catching color combinations, try using sites such as Adobe or some other color scheme generators.


    Ideally, you should have 2 to 3 fonts and make sure they indicate the direction of the eyes and help players read the text. The fonts should contrast and complement each other, so if you choose a cursive or italic font, choose a font with heavy bold lines.


    Instead of a static image in the middle of your cards, you should choose images that generate motion. It disrupts the flow of the overall image when flat centered images arouse the eyes just to the center of the card.

    Terms & Acronyms

    Explanations of some terms and acronyms which will help you talk about the business of game cards creation with us.

    game cards advantages


    • Card & paper stock weight is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The higher GSM the thicker and heavier the card will be.
    • 128/157 gsm commonly used for the manual, surface paper of game board & box.
    • 250/300/350 gsm is usually used for the card.


    10–35 gsm Tissue paper
    35–100 gsm Light to medium text paper
    100–150 gsm Heavy text paper or cardstock
    150-200 gsm Heavy cardstock
    200-240 gsm Very heavy cardstock
    240-270 gsm Lightweight playing cards
    270-310 gsm Medium weight playing cards
    310-330 gsm Premium quality card stock & poster paper
    >330 gsm Very heavy card stock

    Card Core

    • The card core goes from grey to blue & white, and finally to black, the quality, stiffness, and durability of the card increase.
    • Grey core is the cheapest, black is the most expensive.
    • The white core and blue core are basically the same in terms of quality and price.
    game cards material
    CMYK Printing


    • 4C means CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)
    • CMYK is best for printed materials because print mediums use colored inks for messaging.

    Custom Classic Game Cards

    Custom Pokemon Cards
    Pokemon Cards

    It is possible for us to create custom Pokemon cards, but it is important to note that using copyrighted artwork and designs without permission is illegal. We can help you create custom cards with various features, such as custom art, card type, attack and defense stats, and more.

    Custom MTG Cards
    MTG Cards

    We can help you customize the MTG card deck with art, text, and layout that fits your requirements. Such as helping you choose the color to best fit the card's theme or abilities, determining the card types with their own rules and restrictions, and making it balanced with the card's mana cost.

    Custom Uno Cards
    UNO Cards

    UNO cards typically have a colored border, a number or special action in the center, and the UNO logo in the top left corner. For your custom UNO cards, we can add your personal touches, such as customizing the colors, patterns, images, and text, which can make the game even more fun and unique.

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