Geographical Board Game Ideas

6 Ideas for Creating Geographical Board Games

Geography board games are very enticing because not only are they fun, but they also get to teach players geographic knowledge. This is why it can be a great idea to create new, unique and enticing geographical board games. The question is, how can you create a different board game focused on geography?

1. National Flag-based

The idea here is simple, you want to have a game that has the world map, and then an adjacent set of flags. You need to match the flag with a certain country on the map. Not only is this a great way to test every player’s flag knowledge, but it’s also easy to learn new things about countries, their flags, and also where they are located as well.

2. Learn The Capitals of Countries

A similar idea will require you to match the name of a country’s capital with the country’s name. The focus is to learn capital for countries all over the world. You just need a set of cards with capital names and then a board with the world’s map. You could have a map for every continent in order to add more detail to the game and not keep the main map too huge.

Capitals of Countries Board Game

3. Traveling The World/Countries

This idea would focus on every player having a starting point, destination and trying their best to reach it before the others. At every step, you can add all kinds of events that would require every player to talk about their knowledge of the country they are in. If they answer correctly, they move on, if not they will stay for a round, which can be an advantage for the other players. It’s a great learning opportunity, and it’s also very simple and engaging at the same time.

4. Plants/Animals From All Over The World

When creating this game, the focus is very simple. You have the world map and cards with plants from all over the world. Every player receives a certain number of cards and they need to match the cards with the right country where they can find the plants in question. In the end, everyone gets to see the correct answers and the person with the most correct guesses wins. You can have multiple rounds and establish a tournament if you want. It’s also possible to have this type of game with animals instead of plants.

5. World Landmarks

There are many very popular landmarks, but also some that are lesser known. The main focus here is to have a world map and connect landmarks with their location. You can have 3 sets of different landmark cards, based on their difficulty, which are easy, medium, and hard. In this way, kids can learn about tourist attractions, but also adults get to test their knowledge and learn something new. It’s a very interesting idea and concept, certainly something to consider if you want a creative geographical board game.

US States Board Game

6. US States

The idea behind this board game is easy and fun, you want to have various statements about US states and you need to figure out what states the question is about. You need to create a few hundred cards to ensure that there are plenty of questions to work with. This is a great educational experience and it can also be challenging if you want players to test their knowledge regarding US states.


As you can see, there are a variety of different ideas you can use for geography board games. The main focus is to make these ideas fun and entertaining, while also making sure players get to learn something about geographic knowledge. It all comes down to making learning more interactive and enjoyable for every player. Implementing these ideas can help you do that!