Drinking Board Game Ideas

11 Drinking Board Game Ideas – Take the Game Experience to Next Level

Finding great drinking board game ideas is always important if you are a creative person and really want to find some innovative and creative games. It’s all a matter of taking your time and implementing the right systems to ensure it all works seamlessly. With that being said, we created a list with some drunk board game ideas that will indeed stand out on the game night, especially if you want something cool and creative.

Glass Darts

The idea here is to have a darts board and a set of challenge cards that you need to follow. You will need to hit specific parts of the darts board. And if you lose, you take a drink. The cool thing is that you can have all kinds of challenges and variations, and you can add punishments in those cards too. It really is one of those cool things you can add up and the benefit is that it helps provide a variety of exciting ideas for you to explore. That’s what truly makes it stand out.

Uno for Drunks

You always want to bring in a variation of an existing game if you can. The main idea here is to play a game similar to Uno, but at the end whomever ends up losing takes a shot. It’s actually a creative game and the nice thing is that you can also add variations and punishments along the way. That alone is certainly a thing you need to take into consideration as much as possible.

Monopoly with Alcohol Punishments

Monopoly Drinking Game

Monopoly is a very popular board game and you can actually create a variation if you want, one where any punishment involves players drinking something. You can focus on bringing in a large drink quantity, or you can experiment with shots, but with varied drinks. That’s why it can be well worth giving it a shot, and you will be quite impressed with the process and benefits.

Truth or Dare with Drinks

Obviously this would be a variation of truth or dare. The idea is to add in all kinds of drinks and see whomever manages to win. You always need to try out something new, and in the end the benefits can be quite creative. It’s exciting to see all of that and you are bound to appreciate the process and how it all comes together. Just try to use that to your own advantage and in the end the benefits can be second to none.

Drinking Card Games

In this kind card game, you will need to try and get rid of all the cards, you can add rules to withdraw a card whenever you have a specific card combination in your hands. That’s a very interesting concept, where you can also add some punishments. It’s always a good idea to custom card game which involves drinking, and you will be very happy with the process and the way it all comes together. The benefits are very impressive since you get to customize the experience and include any drinking systems as you see fit. That’s what will help generate incredible results if you do it right.

Drinking Trivia

Trivia is also a great game that works nicely if you include any alcohol elements. For example, you can go and try out multiple rounds, just to see who wins. The loser needs to drink any specific beverage of your choice. It’s a very nifty idea and one of those things that many people love. That on its own is incredibly interesting and you will find it works exactly as you want. So yes, it’s totally worth it and you will surely enjoy the process and results all the time.

Blackjack with Drinks

You can also create a blackjack game where the loser will need to drink. It’s a very interesting concept and there’s no denying that a lot of people enjoy blackjack. Here you can add that idea, it’s creative and you will be quite amazed with the unique take. Plus, people love this kind of stuff, so it’s all a matter of finding the appeal and theme which will make your board game stand out of the crowd. There’s no denying that you can use all kinds of different features and ideas, so do that and it will be totally worth it in the end. What really matters is to make the game fun and cool!

Tower Game which Involves Drinking

Tower Drinking Game

You can have a tower game like Jenga where the focus is to try and build up a tower, and each time the tower falls you take a drink. Obviously, this is really engaging and creative, and it’s one of those cool games that a lot of people love because it’s interesting and it does offer some creative moments and experiences. That on its own is totally worth it.

Never Have I Ever with Drinking Elements

This is a very popular game too, and you can add in all kinds of clever ideas into the mix. The main focus is t bring you something spectacular and fun. It’s always exciting and engaging to have drinking elements like this, and you will be amazed with the overall quality and value. People love this kind of product because it encourages them to drink with friends and have fun. So if you want drinking board game ideas, it might very well be at the top of the list. Just try to be creative and bring in some exciting, fun and rewarding elements into the mix. That can be well worth it.

Drinking Dice

Drinking dice is a simple game where the idea is simple, you throw the customized dice and see how much you drink. You can also add challenges related to how many cups you have to drink. So people can have an alternative if they just don’t want to drink that much. It’s a very interesting concept that has all kinds of creative ways to improve the gameplay. So you just have to test it out for yourself and in the end the benefits can be cool and fun. Rest assured that this kind of game is very creative, and you will be amazed with the style and quality provided there. At the end of the day, the potential can be second to none all the time.

Tic Tac Toe with Shot Glasses

Yes, it’s actually possible to create such a game and make it really fun. It’s a very good option if you want to turn a game like Tic Tac Toe into something very engaging and still super fun and cool. You can add shots in specific parts on the board. Or the loser takes a shot, that’s up to you.


These are all amazing drinking board game ideas that you can use right now. Some board games can be fun and you can customize them into drinking games. The idea is to push the boundaries and really take the experience to the next level. There are all kinds of drunk games, but combining drinking game ideas with board games makes things even more interesting and fun. That’s why we highly recommend giving all these drinking game ideas a try to see what works for you and what you like the most!