Best Material for Miniatures

What Is the Best Material for Miniatures: Resin, Plastic or Metal?

Resin, plastic and metal are the most common materials you can use for miniatures. This post explores the features, pros and cons of metal, resin, and plastic miniatures to help you make an informed decision.

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Resin remains a common material for miniatures. Why does the material remain popular? Its ability to capture fine details makes it the best material for high-end miniature modeling and board games. Although resin miniatures are lightweight, they require careful handling due to their fragile nature.

Resin Miniatures

  • Ability to capture very fine details with high accuracy and precision.
  • Easy to handle and transport due to its lightweight nature.
  • Resin miniatures have a smooth surface finish, making them easy to paint.
  • More prone to breaking than metal or plastic.
  • More expensive than other materials.
  • Resins are usually overwhelming to work with and take time to complete the project.


Most individuals consider plastic for custom miniatures to create a wide range of products, from cheap toys to high-end products. What makes plastic the common material of choice? Plastic miniatures are usually durable, and the ability to produce them in masses makes them affordable and popular. Do plastic miniatures have the same level of detail? These miniatures have varying levels of detail, which are less detailed than metal or resin miniatures.

Plastic Miniatures

  • Cost-effective and readily available option.
  • Easy to have mass production, making it the best alternative for large-scale projects.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Plastic miniatures come in various colors and finishes.
  • Plastic miniatures are less detailed and precise than metal and resin miniatures.
  • They may have injection marks or mold lines.
  • They are prone to breaking, making them less durable.


Metals rank among the best classic materials for miniatures. Why have many individuals considered metal miniatures for centuries? With metal miniatures being very detailed, individuals consider them fantasy and historical board game miniatures. Despite being heavy and more expensive than other options, metal miniatures are very durable.

Metal Miniatures

  • Metal miniatures are long-lasting and very durable.
  • These miniatures achieve a high level of precision and detail.
  • You use a wide range of finishes to paint and polish metal miniatures.
  • They have a timeless and classic look that’s attractive to most players and collectors.
  • These miniatures can be more expensive than plastic.
  • It may require more preparation before painting, including priming, cleaning, etc.
  • Heavy, making it hard to transport or handle.

Summing Up

These materials come with varying features and offer different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your specific project needs and preferences, you can choose the one with the best features. In short, miniatures suit intricate detail, metal miniatures offer durability, and a classy look, while plastic favors affordability and mass production.